The Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) Active Deaf Kids program is aimed at increasing awareness of the health and social benefits of participating in sport to deaf and hard of hearing school children.

Given that Deaf Sports Australia is the national peak body for deaf sports, our mission is to facilitate and support the participation of deaf and hard of hearing Australians through all levels of sport. Our key objectives range from educating the mainstream sporting structure, keeping it ‘deaf friendly’ to fostering and encouraging participation and skill development.

Who is Deaf Sports Australia?

Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) is the peak body for deaf sport in Australia. DSA was established in 1954 and is affiliated with the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Deaf Sports Australia  is a member based organisation that supports:

  • Deaf and hard of hearing communities
  • National Deaf Sporting organisations
  • State Deaf Sport and Recreation organisations
  • National and State Sporting organisations
  • Deaf Services organisations
  • Educational institutions that support deaf & hard of hearing students

Deaf Sports Australia has a strong history of leading and advocating change in community attitudes and social policy. We are committed to ensuring that opportunities to participate in sport are accessible to all Australians.


Passion through Sport


To facilitate and support the participation of deaf Australians in all levels of sport.

Deaf Sports Australia Events

The Australian Deaf Games

The Australian Deaf Games is the pinnacle of deaf sporting events in Australia. Involving up to 20 sports and held every four years, the Games attract competitors from all over Australia and for the first time in 2008, New Zealand. The 2012, 2016 and 2018 Games saw Fiji and Samoa taking part. While sport is central to the event, the Games also provide a major social and cultural festival for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

The next Australian Deaf Games will be held in regional NSW in 2022.

The Deaflympic Games 

The Deaflympic Gamers, under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, is the second oldest multi-sport and cultural festival on earth and was first held in Paris in 1924. Australia has competed at every Games since 1965.

The Deaflympic Games are the pinnacle of international competition for deaf athletes and a remarkable event. The Games regularly attracts as many as 4,000 people across 15 sports, and Melbourne hosted the event in 2005 which was declared one of the “best ever” by the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf.

Pathway Opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing athletes

Given that there are separate deaf and mainstream sporting events, this provides deaf and hard of hearing athletes the opportunity to choose or even take part in both pathway programs.

The diagram below demonstrates the pathway opportunities that are on offer: 

How can I help my deaf/hard of hearing child or student make the most of their sporting pursuits?

Encourage them to participate in a local sporting club of their choice, educate their coach and officials on inclusion practises, attend Come & Try day events as well as deaf and mainstream sports competitions.

What is DSA doing to ensure pathways are available?

Deaf Sports Australia has good relations with mainstream and deaf sports organisations. Partnership arrangements have been established with selected sports to provide further support and access to sporting opportunities.

Parents and Teachers are encouraged to network with other parents and teachers to promote inclusion and access to sporting programs and events for their deaf/hard of hearing child or student.

Below is a link to the Active After Schools Communities Program:

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