The outcomes of the Victorian DSA Schools Education Program Pilot indicated that there is a strong need for deaf sports education and role models across all deaf schools. It was found that many students do not have regular access or knowledge of deaf sporting programs and role models especially those who have competed at Deaflympic Games.

Deaf Sports Australia believes that it is very important for young deaf and hard of hearing youths to have access to positive sporting role models whom they can identify with, as well as understand the benefits of participating in sporting activities.

Research has also indicated that good educational outcomes are improved when students are participating healthy sports programs.

As a result from the pilot, the Australian Sports Commission has offered a two year funding commitment as part of their participation strategy to ensure this program continues, in which has now been named ‘Active Deaf Kids’ program.

This program offers teachers and students the opportunity to learn the following information:

  • the opportunities and benefits of participation in sport
  • a deaf sports role model to share their experiences in sport
  • a Q & A session with students
  • an informal sports/activity coaching clinic

Following the workshop, DSA will work as a client manager with each of the students to ascertain their sport participation requirements and then put them in contact with the best possible sporting opportunities to suit their needs.

 What are the benefits of the workshop/clinic?

  • Free of charge: no payment required
  • DSA will take care of the logistics
  • Workshops/clinics is around 1.5 to 2 hours in length
  • Qualified coaches assist with conducting sports clinics
  • Age groups can range from 5 to 17 years old

The workshops can be customised according to student needs.

In order to arrange a session, please contact Deaf Sports Australia on info@deafsports.org.au

I would like to thank Irena and the Active Deaf Kids program that she has brought to the Lions Club Annual High Schools Deaf Camp. At this camp we have students from all over NSW and the ACT. Having them all together for a week means that the information they get at camp can be spread around to the other students who weren’t able to come to camp.

The students were actively engaged learning about Elite Deaf adults and their response to get more information about how they can become involved was rewarding. I fully support the program and hope that all Deaf students can become involved.

Ray Fearn, Assistant Principal IST-H - Kingswood South PS

Shepparton High School Deaf Facility is a small isolated Facility in country Victoria, about two hours from Melbourne.  There are very few Deaf adults in the area which means the opportunities for our deaf and hard of hearing students to meet adult Deaf role models are very limited.  Fortunately for us, we found an excellent resource in Deaf Sports Australia who has visited our Deaf Facility on numerous occasions, each time bringing different Deaf adults and have provided workshops and presentations to the students.

Deaf Sports Australia has organised for local coaches to provide some expert advice to our deaf and hard of hearing students and worked with the local coach on the day..  Deaf Sports Australia has also referred other Deaf sports teams to us, such as the Australian Deaf Men’s Basketball team contacting us and offering to hold a clinic whilst they were in Shepparton for a tournament. This has provided outstanding opportunities to our students which they would otherwise not receive.

It is wonderful to see Deaf Sports Australia involving and encouraging the younger deaf and hard of hearing students from the local primary school Deaf Facility and these younger students also benefit from mixing with the older deaf and hard of hearing students.

Deaf Sports Australia has been very responsive in offering support, reliable on the day and committed to the needs of our deaf and hard of hearing students.  We highly recommend Deaf Sports Australia and their program to others.

Janice Evans, Deaf Facility Co-ordinator - Shepparton High School


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