Inclusion Alliance

In 2019, DSA partnered with Sport Inclusion Australia (SIA) and Blind Sports Australia (BSA) and secured a two-year grant from the Federal government’s Better Ageing and Participation programs. The objective is to develop programs and resources and awareness workshops for the sport industry in a number of States.

Some of the developments have included workshops to Hockey Queensland coaches, local regional development officers and State Government staff in Bundaberg.

Discussions are in place with the following NSO’s – Athletics, Swimming, Golf, Bowls and Touch Football on developing joint tool kits for schools, clubs and fitness centres. There are also meetings with key Local Councils staff and sporting clubs.

There are videos and other resources that have been developed, that cover communication tips, what does sport mean to me and successful personal pathways/journeys. Work have also been done with SBS to showcase disability awareness during the 2019 Global Games, and more.

The collaboration group are continuing to explore other opportunities to expand the current work and create synergies that will help further develop each organisation’s capacity to grow individually and collectively.


March 2021