Playing in sports

Playing in deaf sports

Playing deaf sports sanctioned under Deaf Sports Australia means the deaf/hard of hearing athlete will have the potential to play on a local, state, national and international level. To be eligible to compete in these events under Deaf Sports Australia, an athlete must obtain a classification letter by filling in the classification form.

Check out the State/Territory and National sporting organisations for more information and contact details.

Playing in mainstream sports

Sports like Athletics and Swimming require specific classification for mainstream events. Deaf Sports Australia process all classification applications so parents/caregivers/athletes can receive a Classification Letter, stating the eligibility status of the athlete.

Deaf Sports Australia also provides professional services to all ages, levels and sports. This involves running programs for deaf and hard of hearing children in school, workshops for sports clubs and associations, provide assistance for elite athletes and sports modifications.

For more enquiries, you can contact us at Deaf Sports Australia.