Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria

Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria (DSRV) was established in 1982 and is the state parent sporting body in Victoria representing the deaf and hard of hearing community. DSRV is a non for profit organisation that also manages Victorian representatives of Australian deaf sports teams competing in local competitions. DSRV plays a role in putting deaf and hard of hearing Victorians in touch with various sporting clubs and keeping the community informed of events and opportunities for meeting new and like-minded people.

DSRV is associated with numerous sporting clubs, recreational groups and health and wellbeing practitioners and is always looking to create new partnerships.
Every 4 years, DSRV supports and coordinates a Victorian state team to participate in the Australian Deaf Games, the most important and largest sporting event in Australia for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Opportunities available

Sporting SchoolActive Deaf Sports Club
Schools run a Sporting Schools Program with our Sports Development Officer.
The Active Deaf Kids initiative is implemented in this program.
See Sport Australia’s website for more information about Sporting Schools.
Jack Newton Junior Golf

Contact your Sport Development Officer to provide an
awareness training for your team, club or organisation.
See here for more information about ADSC.

Contact details:
Alisha Wormald
Sports Development Officer