Imelda Middleton, a young woman with severe hearing loss, from Red Hill, QLD, won Silver in the 100 metres event at the Queensland All Schools Championships last month. She also broke another record in that very same event – it was the Under 20’s Australian Deaf Record.

The 19-year-old also managed to make it her personal best record as well. She has been training for a few years to get to where she is now.

Imelda shares her passion in athletics and is inspired by her fellow peer support. “My friend Sekou inspires me – he is the fastest runner I have ever met. He and my mum encouraged me to join training with our coach Brad. Coach Brad encourage me to beat my personal best.”

Her coach Brad Schofield from The Academy of Speed have been coaching Imelda for eight years. “I met Imelda through another deaf athlete that I was coaching at the time. Working with Imelda has been amazing. Sometimes you get athletes that don’t come to training and they don’t get the results they want, but Imelda has barely missed a training session, and that’s what every coach want to see in an athlete.”

“She’s been committed to training and this is why she gets the results and has achieved a personal best every year for the last 8 years. It took her 5 years to make it to states in mainstream athletics. All that dedication and training is paying off.”

Imelda and her parents came to Australia from Indonesia, when she was just four years of age. When asked what her next goals are, Imelda has her sights on making achievements on the international stage. She also dream of running her own business in being a personal deaf coach/trainer in athletics and in the gym. “I like to challenge myself in mainstream athletics. It gives me freedom and motivation to do well on an international level. My goal includes succeeding well in the Deaflympics and at the Commonwealth Games. I also would like to support future deaf athletes in achieving their goals in international competitions, especially in sprinting and long distance events.”

Imelda is currently working as a coach at Kid Fit Tribe, providing assistance to deaf participants by demonstrating what their hearing coaches are instructing.

Media contact:
Lauren Townsend
Media and Communications Liaison Officer